Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds are perfect for hard to reach areas and are the most child safe Blind on the market. They are available as a Motor Roller Blinds or Motor Varisheer/Day-Night Blind. Our Motor Blinds can be re-chargeable battery powered or solar powered. Our Solar powered blinds which will be operated by a remote control are perfect for all types of windows including Velux, Keylite, Fakro, Dakstra, Roto, Okpol.  Our Roller Blind collection is suitable for every room in the home and available in a wide range of fabric choices to suit your interior needs.

Benefits of motorised blinds include:

Smooth and quiet operation at the touch of a button

Battery solutions mean 100% wire-free installation

Easily operate multiple blinds.

Makes hard to reach blinds accessible and operational

Great solution for large glazing areas such as bi-folding door

Assisted Living – Motor Blinds help help improve the quality of life for those that need help with everyday tasks around the home.

Blinds with no operating cords provide a child safe, risk free solutions.

Improved Security – Blinds can be raised and lowered when your not at home via a timer and  app on your phone.

Ideal for large glazing areas such as bi-folding door

Great solution for skylight windows.



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