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Multi-funtioning Duette Blinds

Duette blinds incorporate a unique honeycomb construction. The hollow layer inside the cell works as an insulator making blinds one of the most energy-efficient blinds available on the market today. Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and textures including blackout options.

Most blinds have 2 colours to the blind, they are generally white on the back (facing outside) and whatever your chosen colour from a multitude of options on the inside. This allows you to decorate different rooms in different colours around your home, while giving symmetry to the appearance from the outside.

The new Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade Collection provides a high level of energy efficiency with its innovative honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design, reducing energy loss up to 50% at the window. New to Architella is the revolutionary IllumiCell – a clear inner cell that offers superior light transmission with the same energy savings as a fabric inner cell.

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