No 5 Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are still the most popular type of blind and they seem to be the safest option out there for most people. When we think of blinds, the first thing that usually comes to our head is a roller blind. Times have moved on and people are steering away from the usual plain white blinds. Right now it’s all about being different and unique. You can play it safe and go for the usual colours which can brighten up your home each and every day. However, most of our customers nowadays tend to go with different designs and more adventurous colours. We always try to stay ahead of the game and any new trends that come out are right in our sample book. Flowers, Boats, and Animals are just some of the designs you can have on your blinds. All of our roller blinds are also child safe and with a motor they can all be turned to motorized blinds.

No 4 Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a timeless classic. They are durable and practical. They are something you know you can count on. Things have changed recently and right now there are so many colours to choose from you can find it hard to get your head around everything thats out there. Our Venetian blinds can come in 4 different slat sizes, 25mm, 35mm, 50 mm and 63mm. Each slat size has it’s pros and cons. Smaller slats can be more practical on smaller windows whereas larger slats can look better on larger windows. With the addition of tapes to each and every slat size, you can jazz up your ordinary blinds and add character to the room or play it safe.

No 3 Pleated Blinds

These slick and tidy blinds can be very used in all of the rooms throughout the house. These started of as being used mostly in conservatories and on doors. However, with it’s popularity and recognition in the industry, these blinds are chosen by more and more people in bedrooms and living rooms. There are tons of designs and colours to suit every taste. From dark and elegant Duettes to bright and warm honeycomb material, there is something for everybody. These blinds have a very unique feature which is called the Multi-Function option. What this means is that they can be pulled from the top down but also from the bottom to the top. You can stop at any point and you can choose to only cover the area of the window you find necessary.

No 2 Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds are something that has really hit off during the last 2 years or so. These blinds are easy to use and can be a spectacular window treatment if done right. These types of blinds are easy to maintain and they’re also very practical. No cords means they are also very child safe.

All types of roller blinds can be motorized. This means that your colourful and stylish can really be brought to life by a touch of a button. The days when motorized blinds were only installed in hard to reach areas are over. With it’s popularity and level of demand, you can now get motorized blinds in every room of the house.

No 1 Shutters

Plantation Shutters are one of the products which has grown massively in Ireland over the last couple of years. This trend came from America and has spread out like crazy all over the globe.

Shutters are a new and modern way of decorating but also maintaining your windows. Shutters are great insulators of heat and sound. A lot of our customers have found a big difference in the temperature in their rooms since they had Shutters installed. It’s high Thermal Value means shutters act as an extra layer of protection. Heat stays in and cold stays out.  Shutters are also one of the most practical ways of letting light into the room during the day and giving you all the privacy during the night. With options like split tilt you can easily let light in through the top louvers. Bottom louvers can be closed so people will not be able to see in.