Plantation shutters fitted in Kilmainham, Dublin 8. These are tier on tier shutters. They are different to full tier shutters because they have two separate panels. It’s basically like getting café style shutters with another café style shutters. The benefits of these shutters is that you can open the bottom or the top separately. These shutters also have an option of being bi-fold. This means that they do not open as wide, therefore you save a little bit of space. These shutters have also been installed in the bathroom. The PVC material they are made from can resist moisture a lot better than wood. This means that your shutter will last for a very very long time. The other shutter is made from Marchwood and as you can see the there is no difference in how they look. Central tilt rod is used to open and close the louvres. These shutters can insulate a lot of heat but can also decrease the amount of noise coming from the outside.

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