Beautiful white shutters we have fitted in Farmleigh, Dublin West area. The 76mm louvres in both rooms make the shutters very impressive in the bright light. On the doors in the kitchen you can clearly see the split in the shutters which means that the shutters are independent of each other. There is only one split in these shutters but you will be able to have more splits in your shutters if you wish. The splits will give you more control of the light. The tilt rod which is used to control the louvres is situated in the middle and is a nice finishing touch. We can also do a hidden tilt where there is no tilt rod and you control the louvres by pushing and or pulling them. There is also a third option of having an offset tilt rod which means that the tilt rod will be at the side of the door panel. Shutters are great insulators of heat during the colder months and can keep your house cooler during the warm days we rarely have.

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