These silk white coloured plantation shutters were fitted in Crumlin, Dublin 12 this week.
Angled bay windows like the front 2 on this house are very well suited to plantation shutters as curtains can be awkward and cumbersome.
We’ve installed the shutters with large 89mm louvres to maximise the light coming in during the day and offering great dim-out at night time.
We’ve also installed 2 sets of louvres into each panel on the sitting room window, allowing the bottom half of the window to have closed louvres whilst the top set remain open. This gives great privacy whilst allowing the light in from the top of the window, where most of the light comes in anyway.

As Signature Blinds and Shutters are a fully compliant and VAT registered Irish company, our clients can avail of the HRI scheme.
This scheme provides a tax credit at 13.5% for homeowners on repair, renovation or improvement work to your home.

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