Shaped shutters we have fitted in Kildare just this week. We pride ourselves on fitting shutters on shaped windows. This is a service only a small fraction of companies in Ireland do because of the complexity of the job. Our experienced experts will be able to measure the window for you and give you a quote on the spot. The shutters always look great and very stylish on these types of windows. As you can see by the pictures above the whole window is covered. The way these shutters open up are quiet unique, especially the small shutter at the very top. You can see that the tilt rod is in the center of the middle shutter and it is on the side of the of the two shutters on each side. These windows are usually found in the attic and as we know a lot of the heat escapes through the roof so the shutters will help you keep the heat in during the colder months. They will also keep your room cool during the few warm days we have in Ireland.

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