Hidden Tilt Rod Shutters fitted in Cabra Dublin 7

Keith worked late last night to get this job in Cabra, Dublin 7 finished last night.

There were 2 bay windows included in the job. We’ve installed shutter panels into the sitting room of this house with 2 moving groups of louvres in each panel. This can be a very useful solution for houses on busy roads, as it allows the bottom half of the shutter panel to have closed louvres, while the top half remain open, which gives customers a level of privacy from outside, whilst still allowing light in from the area that most light comes in- at the top of the window.

This customer chose our 89mm large louvres, which allow a lot of light in and provide great view-through. They’ve also added our hidden tilt rod feature which means there is no visible rod to operate the moving louvres. Once one louvre is moved by hand, they will all follow suit.

The hidden tilt rod option is a good choice for customers with Georgian styled Windows as there are already enough lines throughout the window, without adding more.