This house in Dublin 22 had Silhouette blinds fitted to the front and recessed pleated blinds to the rear.

The silhouette blinds give a great view through from inside the house while maintaining complete privacy from the outside during daylight hours. There is an adjustable fabric louvre which can then be twisted to maintain privacy from both sides when lights are switched on inside the house in evening time.

There’s 2 silhouette blinds fitted to either side of the front door on this job aswell. They are specially fitted with magnetic hold-down brackets to ensure the blinds stay stationary when the front door is opened as opposed to standard roller blinds which can flap about in this scenario.

To the rear of the house we’ve installed pleated blinds which are fitted neatly in to the recess of each window pane. This allows the blind to pivot with all opening windows. We’ve even managed to fit the pleated blinds onto the stationary door panels behind the sliding doors in the kitchen area.

Pleated blinds are ideal for any large glazing area, due to their unobtrusive slimline look, when not in use. There is generally no need for pull cords/chains on pleated blinds which make them one of the most child-friendly blind types on the market today