These stunning multi-function pleated blinds fitted in a sunroom in Co Offaly allow for ultimate control of light filtering and privacy.  Notice the separate blinds on the high, shaped window, also the two roof windows operated, in this case, by poles but also available with a remote control option.

Sunrooms are often underused in homes because they can heat up too much on sunny days, and seem rather bleak on rainy ones. Our UV and heat reflective products help to reduce temperatures to more comfortable levels in summer while also being 95% light transparent.  In winter, they add a layer of insulation whilst retaining light, thus  leaving a far more relaxing and usable space.

Pleated blinds are extremely neat when fully open, and do not flap about in the wind as they are attached to the window frames at both top and bottom.  This aspect also make them a superb choice for young families as there are no loose cords.

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