This new house in Clongriffen Co Dublín was recently fitted out with shutters throughout and pleated blinds on a large glazing area at the back of the house.
The bay window which is situated at the front of the house where the dining area is located has the feature of 2 sets of moving louvres in each panel which is a helpful solution for this type of window. It allows the customer to close the bottom half of the shutter independent of the top.
This allows the customer privacy while dining, and at the same time the light flows in where it comes from most- the top of the window.
The pleated blinds work well on the doors and side windows at the back of the house, as they are very slim when not in use (hardly taking up any space at all). These blinds pivot in and out with the doors and windows without flapping as they are secured at the top and bottom. They are also one the most child friendly blinds available as there are no free hanging cords or chains attached.
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